The highlight of our Skincare is Oil Cleansing method. Based on the scientific principle that oil dissolves oil, the beneficial oils of our PURIFY - Deep Pore Cleansing Oil penetrate deep into pores to dissolve grime and build-up leading to soften, brighter, and perfectly balanced skin.  




4 Easy Steps of our Skincare 

- Night  -


Step 1 : Remove Makeup  

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of our PURIFY - Makeup Remover / Deep Pore Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin / Dry Skin / Oily Skin) to your hands, massage into DRY facial skin until makeup has dissolved. Wet a clean and soft washcloth (small sized face towel) with WARM WATER (Not too hot) and place it onto face until washcloth cools. Gently wipe away impurities + excess oil with washcloth. 

Make sure that your skin is dried completely when you go to Step 2. 


Step 2 : Deep Pore Cleansing / Nourish the skin  

Massage our Cleansing Oil into DRY facial skin using your fingertips for about 1 minute. Process is the same as Step 1. Oil Cleansing Method works better when it is applied to the skin after removing makeup. It dissolves build-up and nourishes the skin with powerful plant nutrients. Try to also think of this as a time to relax and massage away the stresses of the day. 

* Please do not use the same washcloth over and over to avoid the increase of bacteria (especially in summer time). Please use clean washcloth every time. If you don't have a clean washcloth, you can also use clean (and soft) cotton pads instead.


Extra Exfoliation 

If your skin needs extra exfoliation, use our EXFOLIATE gentle soap-free cleansing grains or our Clay Masks. When you use these products, you don't have to do double oil cleansing (step 2). The frequency depends on your skin condition. Maybe only once a week  for Dry skin, everyday for oily skin, 2-3 times for Normal skin. 

Combine a small amount of  EXFOLIATE (about 1/2 tsp) with a few drops of water, creating a paste,  GENTLY massage into WET skin avoiding eye area (the skin around eyes is thinner than other area of the skin. Scrubbing eye area might create eye wrinkles). Rinse with warm water. Organic Almond + Oat meal powder + Mild Kaolin Clay gently exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, while keeping skin's natural moisture barrier. It is gentle enough for daily use.


Add a few drops of water to 1 tsp of DETOXIFY - Clay Mask for Oily Skin or BRIGHTEN - Clay Mask for Dry/ Sensitive Skin . Mix until a paste is formed and apply to face and neck avoiding eye area. When it gets dry, remove with warm water. Our Clay Mask deeply cleanses and purifies the skin. Normally recommended to use once a week


Step 3 : Tone your skin 

Spray our HYDRATE Toning Mist or BALANCE Toning Mist onto your face and neck, or spay onto your palm and apply to your skin using your hands. (Shake well before use.) Toner is taking an important role to put a first layer to protect your skin from harmful bacteria. Also, toner tightens the pores, softens your skin, and brightens your complexion, leading to younger looking skin. 


Step 4 : Moisturize/Nourish your skin 

Apply 4-5 drops of our REJUVENATE Facial Serum for Dry, Aging Skin or BALANCE Facial Serum for Normal, Oily Skin to your entire face and neck. Shake it well before use, as the heavier oils might be settled on the bottom.




- Morning  -


Step 1: Cleanse/Tone your skin 

Spray our Toning Mist onto your facial skin, or you can just simply wash your face with water, dry off your face then apply our Toning Mist to your facial skin. You can use our Face Cleanser if you have oily skin, but it is not necessary in the morning.


Step 2: Moisturize/Protect your skin 

Apply our PROTECT - Facial Sunscreen to your entire face to protect your skin from harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB). We recommend using our facial sunscreen everyday, anytime when you go outside, as we still have 60% of UV rays when it is overcast and 30% even when it is rainy day.