REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin
REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin
REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin
REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin
REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin

REJUVENATE Serum - Rosehip + Sea buckthorn Oil Facial Serum for Aging Skin

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Our REVUVENATE Facial Serum is blended with the most powerful antioxidant + healing oils on the planet. It deeply nourishes the skin and helps to diminish fine lines, age spots, scarring, discolorations and more to lead your skin to supple, soften younger looking skin. It can also deeply penetrate into the skin without clogging pores and regain the oil production + moisture balance. 

- Great for all skin types especially for Dry, Aging skin. 


INGREDIENTS (100% Pure Unrefined botanical oils) :   *Camellia seed Oil,  *Pumpkin Seed Oil, *Rosehip Oil, *Golden Jojoba Oil, *Virgin Argan Oil, *Hazelnut Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, Essential Oils (*Lavender, *Frankincense, *Geranium)

* Certified Organic  



1. Please shake well before use, as the heavier oils may settle to the bottom.

2. After cleansing and going skin, apply 4-5 drops to entire face once per day.

  • Please store it upright, as the essential oils in this product are extremely concentrated and may begin to dissolve the rubber in the dropper lid over time.
  • Please store in a cool location away from direct sunlight, as the essential oils are damaged by the sunlight and heat.
  • Best if used within 12 months after opening.


Details of the Ingredients : 

 Camellia Seed Oil quickly penetrates into the outer layer of the skin, deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the dry, aging, dull skin. 

Pumpkin seed oil contains an impressive profile of nutrients, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 (These fatty acids can reduce inflammation and prevent/reverse skin damage), antioxidants (which mitigate the spread of harmful free radicals), Vitamins A and C (anti-aging), zinc (helps to clear the skin), and more. 

Rosehip Oil contains full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, cracked, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines. It has significant anti-aging benefits for the skin. 

Jojoba oil  is not actually an oil but wax and is more similar to our skin's own sebum than any other oil, so it is extremely safe to use and non-allergenic. Jojoba oil is a gentle and nourishing oil that's extremely effective in adding moisture back into the skin. This oil is easily absorbed and ideal for balancing oil production. It is great for all skin types. 

Argan oil can deeply penetrate into the skin and moisturize the skin without clogging pores. It is impressive nourishing oil can help to eradicate acne, under eye circles, fine lines, and sun damage. 

Hazelnut oil is an astringent oil that is ideal for minimizing the pores, clearing the complexion. It is deeply penetrating and stimulating to the circulatory system. It helps to tone and tighten the skin, and is applicable for all skin types.

Sea buckthorn oil prevents/reverses signs of aging and heals burns, cuts, and other sorts of skin inflammation. Sea Buckthorn Oil contains 12 times as much Vitamin C (anti-aging) as an orange, 3 times more Vitamin A than carrots, loads of antioxidants, and many other nutrients that are extremely effective in healing, hydrating, and regenerating skin cells.

Lavender essential oil : The soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender make it valuable for many skin conditions. Lavender will also stimulate the growth of healthy new skin cells making it effective for cracked skin, eczema, boils, wounds and burns. It is helpful for acne as it inhibits the bacteria which causes the skin infection while soothing the skin, helping to balance the over secretion of sebum. 

Frankincense essential oil helps to shrink pores and tone skin, as it has natural astringent properties. Its rejuvenating qualities make it an excellent choice for mature skin, helping to minimize wrinkles and fine lines and reduce the appearance of blemishes and long-term sun damage. 


Geranium essential oil helps to balance the sebum production and tone the skin. This balancing oil is suitable for all skin types.  



- Packaged by 0.5 oz (15ml) and 1 oz (30ml) recyclable glass dropper bottles

- Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, Canada

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