Sleep Well Roll-On - Insomnia Remedy
Sleep Well Roll-On - Insomnia Remedy
Sleep Well Roll-On - Insomnia Remedy

Sleep Well Roll-On - Insomnia Remedy

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Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling moody, irritable and stressed. Get the rest you need with this strong, yet soothing blend of essential oils designed to help the body relax, slow down and lull itself into a deep and restful sleep.



  • To promote restful sleep, roll onto soles of feet before bed and put on socks to prevent from transferring to your sheets.

    May be used under jaw line or on wrists, throat, temples and pulse points as desired.

  • Store it away from direct sunlight.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Best if used within 12 months after opening.


INGREDIENTS : *Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of *Lavender, *Sweet Orange, Mandarin, *Majoram, *Roman Chamomile, *Vetiver, Valerian, Jasmin Sambac, Neroli. 

*Certified Organic 


Ingredients :

Lavender essential oil has a calming fragrance and is particularly renowned for its ability to relax and promote restful sleep. 

Sweet Orange essential oil has a sweet, uplifting scent that can calm nervous tension, lift feelings of depression, and promote restful sleep in cases of insomnia.

Mandarin essential oil is a gentle, relaxing, and uplifting oil. 

Majoram essential oil is aromatic, warming, and relaxing oil. It has a gentle sedative, the oil can treat nervous tension, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.

Roman Chamomile essential oil is sweet and soothing, a natural nervous sedative that relieves restlessness to help you sleep.

Vetiver essential oil is a natural sedative, the oil often used to promote relaxation and restful sleep. 

Valerian essential oil is powerful sedative, valerian can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality.

Jasmine Sambac essential oil is one of the most uplifting, and its deeply relaxing effects account for its reputation as an aphrodisiac. 

Neroli essential oil is calming and uplifting oil. It has a long history as a remedy for anxiety and depression.


Packaged with 8.5 ml roll-on bottle.