Immune Up Roll-On - Cold & Flu Fighting Remedy
Immune Up Roll-On - Cold & Flu Fighting Remedy
Immune Up Roll-On - Cold & Flu Fighting Remedy

Immune Up Roll-On - Cold & Flu Fighting Remedy

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Relieve symptoms of flu such as colds and cough by rolling on the therapeutic benefits of powerful antiseptic and soothing tea tree, comforting eucalyptus, and warming cinnamon.



  • Apply to the chest or throat as needed. Roll onto soles of feet before bed and put on socks to prevent from transferring to your sheets.
  • Store it away from direct sunlight.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Best if used within 12 months after opening.


INGREDIENTS : *Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of *Tea Tree, *Eucalyptus, *Spruce, *Geranium, *Cinnamon leaf, *Peppermint and *Rosemary. 

*Certified Organic 


Tea Tree essential oil is best known for its powerful antiseptic properties. This antiseptic is effective in warding off colds and flu. It can soothe symptoms of bronchitis and coughs.

Eucalyptus essential oil is great for relieving aches and pain, loosening tight muscles and joints.

Spruce essential oil protects against viruses, helps clear mucus and eases hay-fever symptoms. It helps to unblock sinuses and eases breathing. 

Geranium essential oil has mild analgesic properties that can relieve the pain of neuralgia and conditions such as shingles. 

Cinnamon leaf essential oil is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, especially lice and scabies. It also helps boost circulation to the extremities, It is effective for reviving and soothing sore joints aggravated by cold, damp weather. 

Peppermint essential oil is cooling and refreshing, then gently warming. Its stimulating and analgesic properties make it an effective remedy for neuralsia, muscular pain and headaches. It is also a high-quality antiseptic and antiviral properties for treating cold sores, even for resistant strains of the herpes virus that causes them.

Rosemary essential oil contains potent antibacterial and antifungal substances that can fight infection, and has a warming anti-inflammatory action that helps relieve pain. Its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system aids detox and improves circulation. 


Packaged with 8.5 ml roll-on bottle.